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Difference between arrive at, arrive in and arrive on

We use Arrive in for large or general areas like cities, countries, or large geographical areas
We use Arrive at for small or specific places like stations, buildings, or addresses

(With time reference)
We use Arrive on when we refer to a day
We use Arrive in when we refer to a month, year or season:

He arrived in New Delhi.
(arrive in because New Delhi is a city)
President Murmu arrived in Sri Lanka yesterday.
(arrive in because Sri Lanka is a country)
I arrived at the station just before the train left.
(arrive at because a station is a building)
We arrived at the museum but found it was closed all day.
(arrive at because a museum is a building)
My parents arrived on Monday.
(refer to a day)
Our cousins arrive on Thursday – they’re coming from Australia.
(refer to a day)
My friends arrived in June.
(refer to a month)
The first migrating birds arrive in early spring.
(refer to a season)


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